Prado 90 Suspension Flex

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Rhythm Offroad

A hobby based 4WD parts fabricator in NSW Australia.

For TOYOTA parts please go to 90 Series Spares.
For LOWER BALL JOINTS specifically, use this link: Toyota LBJ kits.
Rhythm Offroad DIFF DROPS are also available from the 90 Series Spares shop; Diff Drops.

Items from this site (Rhythm Offroad) have slow turn-around times as they're made in my personal time (weekends/holidays). Unfortunately my personal circumstances have been difficult for some time now so I'm unable to commit much time to developing these products. Items marked as unavailable will not be available this year. Items marked as no stock have possibility.

Toyota 90 Series Prado

Rear Control Arms - Lower and Panhards

Rear Control Arm - Lower:
$560* - Heavy Duty unavailable
$---* - Super Heavy Duty unavailable
Rear Adjustable Panhards:
$510* - Single adjust, SHD IN STOCK
$385* - Dual heim / adjust, HD ON REQUEST
$470* - Dual heim / adjust, SHD unavailable
* Approximate prices, postage not included, please request a quote

Lowers and panhard rods are usually made on request only - although on occasion they may be in stock. Production time can vary between 2 and 4 weeks depending on your choice of grade, and the supplies I have in stock.

Lower Control Arms

Adjustable Lowers are made for any lift size, are available in two grades of strength:

Heavy Duty

  • Chromoly tubing, 1-1/4" 0.250 (35mm x 6.35mm).
  • 7/8" high quality USA made heim joint, 18 degree motion, chromoly, heat treated, PTFE lined.
  • Whiteline poly bushings.
Super Heavy Duty
  • Thicker Chromoly tubing, 1-1/4" 0.375 (35mm x 9.53mm).
  • Everything else identical as above.
  • This thicker material is rarely available, contact me for an update.

Panhard Rods

Adjustable Panhards are made for any lift size, and have the following features:

  • Chromoly tubing, 1-3/8" in HD 0.120 (35mm x 3mm) or SHD 0.188 (35mm x 4.8mm)
  • 5/8"-3/4" high quality USA made heim joint, Chromoly, heat treated, PTFE lined, 19 degree motion.
  • If a bushing is used, it will be poly; SuperPro or Whiteline.

They come with an option of:

  • Single adjust - Approximately 15mm adjustment available. One end has a bushing for ride comfort, the other is a heim joint for smooth articulation.
  • Dual adjust - Approximately 30mm adjustment available. 2x heim joints for smooth articulation and greater adjustability. In left and right-hand threads for easier adjustments.

DISCLAIMER: All parts sold as is for off road use, without certification or guarantee of road-worthiness. For information on how any modification will effect your vehicle registration, road-worthiness or insurance, please consult your providers.

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