Prado 90 Suspension Flex

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Rhythm Offroad

A hobby based 4WD parts fabricator in NSW Australia.

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Toyota 90 Series Prado

Rear Control Arms - Lower and Panhards

Rear Control Arm - Lower:
$560* - Heavy Duty in stock
$---* - Super Heavy Duty on request
Rear Adjustable Panhards:
$510* - Single adjust, SHD in stock
$385* - Dual heim / adjust, HD in stock
$470* - Dual heim / adjust, SHD on request
* Approximate prices, postage not included, please request a quote

Lowers and panhard rods are usually made on request only - although on occasion they may be in stock. Production time can vary between 2 and 4 weeks depending on your choice of grade, and the supplies I have in stock.

Lower Control Arms

Adjustable Lowers are made for any lift size, are available in two grades of strength:

Heavy Duty

  • Chromoly tubing, 1-1/4" 0.250 (35mm x 6.35mm).
  • 7/8" high quality USA made heim joint, 18 degree motion, chromoly, heat treated, PTFE lined.
  • Whiteline poly bushings.
Super Heavy Duty
  • Thicker Chromoly tubing, 1-1/4" 0.375 (35mm x 9.53mm).
  • Everything else identical as above.
  • This thicker material is rarely available, contact me for an update.

Panhard Rods

Adjustable Panhards are made for any lift size, and have the following features:

  • Chromoly tubing, 1-3/8" in HD 0.120 (35mm x 3mm) or SHD 0.188 (35mm x 4.8mm)
  • 5/8"-3/4" high quality USA made heim joint, Chromoly, heat treated, PTFE lined, 19 degree motion.
  • If a bushing is used, it will be poly; SuperPro or Whiteline.

They come with an option of:

  • Single adjust - Approximately 15mm adjustment available. One end has a bushing for ride comfort, the other is a heim joint for smooth articulation.
  • Dual adjust - Approximately 30mm adjustment available. 2x heim joints for smooth articulation and greater adjustability. In left and right-hand threads for easier adjustments.