Prado 90 Suspension Flex

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Rhythm Offroad

A hobby based 4WD parts fabricator in NSW Australia.

For TOYOTA parts please go to 90 Series Spares.
For LOWER BALL JOINTS specifically, use this link: Toyota LBJ kits.
Rhythm Offroad DIFF DROPS are also available from the 90 Series Spares shop; Diff Drops.

Items from this site (Rhythm Offroad) have slow turn-around times as they're made in my personal time (weekends/holidays). Unfortunately my personal circumstances have been difficult for some time now so I'm unable to commit much time to developing these products. Items marked as unavailable will not be available this year. Items marked as no stock have possibility.

Toyota 90 Series Prado

1" Front Diff Drop

1" Front Diff Drop IN STOCK

Purchase from 90 Series Spares

1" diff drop kit to reduce CV angles, thus help reduce likelyhood of boot and joint failures.

Highly recommended for:

  • Large lifts, where CV angle is excessive, causing premature boot failure or driveline vibrations.
  • Where a front locker is fitted or sway bars are disconnected. Reducing CV angles can help minimize CV joint failures.
  • Can be used on all 2" lifted vehicles where longer part life is desired.

Supplied Parts in the BASE KIT:

  • 2x extended high tensile bolts, washers and nylock nuts for front diff mounts.
  • 2x high strength spacers for diff mounts.
  • 5x extended bolts/washers for bash plate.
  • Two page instructions with illustrations.

Supplied Parts in the PLATE KITS 4 and 7:

Everything in the Base kit, plus:
  • Kit #4 adds 4x spacers for bash plates, and 5x extra long bolts/washers
  • Kit #7 adds 7x spacers for bash plates, and 7x extra long bolts/washers

# Bash plate spacers are supplied but not always required. Instructions are provided for modification of stock plates which may allow fitment of plates without spacers. Instructions do not cover aftermarket plates - which may or may not require use of these spacers.

Installation of the diff spacers is very easy, using basic tools (socket, spanner), and locking pliers are helpful. The front diff does not need to be removed for installation.

DISCLAIMER: All parts sold as is for off road use, without certification or guarantee of road-worthiness. For information on how any modification will effect your vehicle registration, road-worthiness or insurance, please consult your providers.


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